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Bundesliga TOTS is Here!! We got something to ask 🙏

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🎮 Once again asking for your help

We are always looking for ways to improve. Help us fill out a quick 2 min survey 👇

Yes! I want to help. Take the survey


🔥 In case you missed it

Content Creator Spotlights! This is a space to share the stories behind some of the most popular and up and coming content creators/esports athletes in FIFA 🎮

Creator Spotlight: Kacey Anderson @CHI_Kacee

Check out our first ever Content Creator Spotlight w/@CHI_Kacee were we talk about how she got started streaming on Twitch  and some of the challenges every women faces in the FIFA space.

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💰 Next Weeks spotlight

Partnered streamer LeahRevelle
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⚽ FUT Talk

😱 Lets talk about our feelings for a second & the best week of content ever?

Have you ever had one remaining game on the Weekend League to clinch Gold 1 / Elite ? You start wondering if it’s worth playing or not, but you think.. I already played 29 other games, I can do this!… Your mind auto presses to button to queue for match and you get matched with a God squad. Let’s be honest that feeling has to take 5 years from your life lol. You already know what happens next… you bottle it, curse the game, say you will never ever play again and you’ll find yourself in the same position next week  🤣… why???

It’s Friday! Means we already got our WL rewards, got myself a cheeky red Carrasco (Gold 3). Swaps 3 looks like the best one in history (don’t do the 84 x 20 it’s bad…) and Bundesliga TOTS was just released, here is the full squad 👇

😱 New SBCs

👇 What I’m choosing for FUT Swaps

  • 81+ x25 Pack (1 Token)
  • 83+ x25 Pack (2 tokens)
  • 84+ x20 Pack (3 tokens)
  • Icon Moments Player Pick (10 tokens)

💪 New Player Objectives

  • Roussilon Flashback -> 5 objectives in friendlies | Avg Time to Complete: 4 hours, Worth: Yes doing golden goal
  • TOTS Moments Amiri -> 4 objectives in squad battles | Avg Time to Complete: 3 hours, Worth: No

🤗 Don’t forget

  • Weekend League Rewards -> Weekend League Rewards will be replaced by Premier TOTS red player picks and Bundesliga TOTS guaranteed reward packs (Elite +) so make sure to play!

📹 YouTube Land

🎙️ Podcast Gs

👾 Esports

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