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Creator Spotlight: Leah Revelle @leahrevelle

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Welcome to Content Creator Spotlights! A space to share the stories behind some of the most popular and up and coming content creators/esports athletes in FIFA 🎮. Additionally we will also be discussing some of the biggest challenges in the space (it’s not only about gameplay) to raise awareness and improve as a community.

📅 1 Spotlight will be published every Friday! So stay tuned

I’m thrilled to welcome Leah Revelle to our second Spotlight, we want to thank @CHI_Kacee for referring her to be our second interviewee. Leah is a content creator for @saf_gg as well as recently partnered Twitch Streamer (congrats!!!). With over 12k Twitch followers, she is one of the most up and coming women content creators in the FIFA space.

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Her streams/videos led to SAF to reach out and sign her as the first women content creator in their esports org. This was only 2 months after starting her streaming career, very impressive! In her own words:

“They’ve been really supportive and really encouraging. And it’s a great organization. I think what a lot of Esports communities are doing now is having both competitive pro players and content creators to leverage both sides of the FIFA space.”

Similar to Kacey Anderson (read her full content creator spotlight here), Leah started streaming Animal Crossing and ended up gravitating towards FIFA, although she was very hesitant at the beginning;

” I would say the last two years, the idea of streaming was kind of floating around. I had watched a few other content creators on Twitch but has hesitant considering I’m a woman . And then this global pandemic came around, bought my gaming PC with the intention of starting.”

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Leah was very open in talking about the challenges women content creators face in the FIFA space, and I think in general in any other video game;

“I think people just assume that women FIFA players, or content creators in the FIFA space can’t possibly be as good as the male FIFA creators. I think that’s one of the gaps we’re hoping to bridge. It doesn’t make sense to gatekeep a game that should be open to multiple different kinds of people. One of the biggest frustrations that stand out to me is the narrative that a male creator, or men in general, can’t support a female creator without it being considered something more. It’s irritating.”

Worst of all this is not new, women content creators are judged under a microscope for receiving a $10 or $100 donation, a double standard that shouldn’t exist in any community. And it goes to our next point, how can we promote diversity and inclusion in the space?

“Creating a lot more awareness of what’s going on, I think, in the last few weeks, even myself and Casey both have posted things that us female content creators deal with on a regular basis. Sexism and toxicity. Bigger streamers need to start getting involved and open the conversation.”

100% agree with Leah, bigger content creators should step up and at least start talking about what’s goin on in the space, sometimes they undervalue the power of their voice they can push for meaningful change.

For the last part of our interview we asked Leah, What would be your advice to women who are considering getting into FIFA content creation?

“I would say just start, there is going to be toxicity. But 98% of the community is incredibly encouraging and incredibly supportive. The community that we’ve built is the kindest, most supportive, encouraging community I’ve seen in a long time. And I think that outweighs the negativity.

Be yourself, be consistent. And don’t worry about what people say. I think the more women that do start, especially in FIFA, the more normalcy would be created around the idea of there being, women FIFA content creators.”

I would like to close this spotlight with my admiration for women content creators in the FIFA space (or in video games in general), what Leah and Kacey have to withstand just to keep doing what they love is unreal and it only shows how resilient and strong they are. So lets close the GAP lets make this community 100% inclusive, supportive and kind ❤️

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