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The on-loan Celtic Forward has been given a major boost from his 69 rated card to an 84 & is definitely apparent as the standout stats are 93 Sprint Speed & Acceleration, with 91 Agility, 86 Finishing, 85 Shot Power, 84 Balance, Dribbling and Jumping.

From playing with him and as shown in the video review his positioning, finishing, speed and shot power are impressive, gets in the right positions  and despite missing a penalty, will put most shots away. As the objective is easy to do, which is only play 1 USA Player in a squad & not a full 11 as the objective may suggest.

From here Weah we sub on due to the team we currently rock with as he would be on 4 chemistry, we sub off POTM Sancho and let him run riot from there. That he did as game after game just gets into positions to create chances and while most people were quitting from kick-off or early into games, when people did play us, they found Weah a nuisance, scoring a hat-trick in his first game and from there making himself the difference maker after that. Only issue I have with him is his weak foot and skill moves but as I can’t skill to save my life, wasn’t a true factor for me.

In terms of comparing him to other strikers, he’s like POTY Martinez, 84 Alejandro Gomez or any version of Rodrigo. In my comparison I did a cheap alternative of Gomez, MOTM Rodrigo for mid-tier and SBC Morelos for league example. The objective is easy to do and worth getting him as a super-sub for your squad if need that injection of pace and finishing.

Overall analysis

Is he worth it – 10/10 (Practically free, just stamina/contracts & potential buying of 1 US Player)

Value – 10/10 (Obtained via Weekly Objective) (Time Required 1 hour)

Usability Р7/10  (League, Weak Foot/Skill Moves and Nation go against him)

Overall – 8/10 (Quality Super Sub and easy to obtain, in that POTY Martinez tier of fun)


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