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The Vissel Kobe and Spanish Forward has been given a boost from his 82 rated card to an 92 Flashback & the standout stats are 98 penalties, 97 attack position, 95 finishing, 94 heading, 92 ball control and 90 shot power, reactions.

From playing with him and as shown in the video review his pace, finishing and heading especially are impressive, he’s got 83 stamina which may seem an issue but he lasts multiple games fine and also knows the back of the net well too. He is current going for 175k for his SBC with 80k worth of packs to go alongside, the biggest issue is for those that may have not done Torres’s Flashback or relying heavily on a Spanish influence to get him linked up. As he’ll do the business regardless and for alternatives we’d say Aguero, TIF Werner and Griezmann, even MOTM Rodrigo is an option.

In our starting team we played Villa at ST due to the team we currently rock with as linking him was fine as got his links to be on full chem to everyone around in the 442. While his return from 3 games in the review of 8 goals and 1 assist was good, in the 1st game he had 10 chances & only took 1 saying that a number of chances were unlucky but in the last game he ran riot with 7 goals and 1 assist, it was those fine margins and also excellent GKs too which prevented him from more. I would say he could have had 10-15 goals if took his chances but really rate him and if got the coins and want a fun forward then get him.

Overall analysis

Is he worth it? – 8/10 (Proved a useful forward takes his chances.)

Value – 8/10 (175k spend for someone who is up there for top strikers worth getting to finish off any team.)

Usability – 9/10  (Nation & Adaptability Major Pros, league only negative but if got Flashback Torres already you are sorted.)

Overall – 8.5/10 (A good card to own and a ruthless option for a forward.)


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