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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Matteo Politano Seria A League Player Upgrade Objective Requirements

EA Sports finally released an upgrade to a League Player card, in this case Matteo Politano received a 89 rated League Player card a +2 from his previous 87 rated card. To unlock this card players have to complete a series of 3 objectives using his 87 rated card, here are the objective requirements:

  • Ace Attacker
    • Score a goal using 87 OVR League Player Politano in 6 separate Rivals wins with 11 Serie A players in your starting squad
    • Reward: x 1 Two Players Pack (Untradable)
  • Speedy Crosser
    • Assist 7 goals with Crosses using 87 OVR League Player Politano in Rivals
    • Reward: x 1  Two Players Pack (Untradable)
  • Finesse Winger
    • Score 3 Finesse goals using 87 OVR League Player Politano in Rivals
    • Reward: x 1  Two Players Pack (Untradable)

Expires: Never

Recommendation: The best way to knock this objectives quickly is to do them along Serie A Online Swaps objectives. In the end you get a swap plus an upgraded Politano


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