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Marquee Match-Ups Predictions (pick your 4)

Week 6


Manchester United vs Tottenham

This rivalry is not as historic as some other in England. But Tottenham ‘s success in the las couple of years has them battling against the top dogs of the country. Both teams are competing against Manchester city for the title and cannot let the Citizens to spread the gap between them. The tied won’t be positive for any of the two.


Milan vs Juventus

The two most titled teams in Italy meet yet again. Milan cannot afford another last, since they las their derby against Inter last weekend. On the other hand, Juventus lost at home against Lazio. Both teams need the 3 points, so this game is going to be like the old times. Keep an eye on this one guys. Buy Ricardo Rodriguez for $650, he could go for about $1,500.


Austira Wien vs Rapid Wien

The Wiener Derby or Vienna derby. This derby is the biggest match in Austria; these two teams are the most successful teams in the country. They are also the clubs with most supporters in Austria. This rivalry has more than 100 years of history, with a total of 322 competitive games. Not too sure about this one, since is a cup match.


Panathinaikos vs Olympiacos

Fire! Fire! This is my favorite for the weekend. This game brings a lot of excitement in Greece as these two are two of the most historical clubs in the country. This game is called the Mother of all Battles. This rivalry is the most important in the country.


Boavista vs Porto

This weekend we have the derby of Porto, known as “Derby da Invicta”. Considering the fact that FC Porto has by far more supporters and success, a derby is always a derby and is 11v11 on the pitch. We will see if Boavista can ruin the night for Porto.


Al Nassr vs Al Hilal

This is one of the most important matches in Saudi Arabia. Both teams have lots of investments and they are always on the top 4 clubs. The winner of this game, could wake up the next day on the top of the table. Fifa always throws a rare league marquee match-up. You could buy $200 players and sale them for $3,000 and up.


Zenit vs Lokomotiv

This game will be deciding the first place of the Russian league. So far we have not had a Marquee from Russia, so we should keep our eyes on this one for some nice investments.  


Hibernian vs Hearts

Both clubs were established in the 1870s. the first match registered was in 1975, Hearts won 1-0. Both teams are sharing the middle table. Hibernian has 13 points and Hearts 12, standing on 6th and 7th place respectively.


Other Important Matches

Birmingham vs Aston Villa

Bordeaux vs Monaco


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