We are excited to announce our participation in one of the most important technology events of the year, eMerge Americas 2019. Along with incredible startups from around the world, we will be sharing our passion for innovation in all of its forms.

About eMerge Americas

eMerge Americas is not just an event—it’s an ecosystem that is transforming Miami into the tech hub of the Americas.

It is a unique convening of global enterprises, leading startups and government leaders focused on innovative digital solutions transforming industries.

eMerge Americas Core Values:

  • Resilience – we believe in the power of grit and the human spirit to overcome adversity and make their dreams into reality
  • Accountability – we are accountable to each other and one another for what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it
  • Impactful – we seek to have a positive social impact on the community and lives we serve
  • Soulful – we do everything we do with heart and soul – and purpose
  • Excellence – we strive for excellence and won’t rest until we achieve it

Juan Duque

Author Juan Duque

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