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What patreon should you select?

The FIFA trading community had an amazing growth over this last year. With this we have seen many FUT trading patreons emerge with the promise of helping players reach an end game team without spending a crazy amount of FP (FIFA Points). This amount of FP that you would hypothetically spend is only getting larger, due to numerous reasons, which I won’t getting into here, and people want to be compensated for helping bridge that gap. IMO many patreons are worth and stand by their promises, in this article we will discuss if a patreon is for you and what things to look for when joining one.

Disclosure: I run my own trading discord channel, I’m trying to keep this article unbiased and it doesn’t reference any particular patreons. This article is intended to help you make a better decision when choosing one.

Is patreon for you?

Let’s start with the basic question should you even join a patreon?

The gap I speak of can be bridged by anyone, but it requires one of the most important commodities: time. I work a corporate job and travel over 12 hours every week, yet I was able to build this team without any fp spent and garnered around 30 million coins at one point (I don’t even think my team is that great, there are many who did way more, just trying to give an example)

It took a lot of dedication and time. I barely played the game and utilized what little time I had to try to make coins. Yes, I was able to do it quicker than most as I understood concepts quickly and had prior knowledge and knew what to look for. However, it still took time to research and look for things. So if you do not have the time or don’t want to spend the time then joining a patreon or buying FP is for you.

If you are not willing to spend money in the game and yet are ready to put in time and effort to learn concepts, find deals and execute then do not join a patreon.

There are plenty of free resources available for you to learn such as my blog entry’s on gaming frog or my discord where you can bounce off ideas with other people and become a trader.

Again, it all comes down to time, think about it and choose accordingly, same goes for what tier you go for.

What should you expect from a FIFA 20 trading patreon?

When you take a flight, whether you take emirates or Ryan Air you ultimately get to the destination. The same way there needs to be a minimum expectation for a patreon.

To me these are good criteria:

  • Professional approach. They are running a business, and they need to treat as such. I have heard from a few people how the patreon insulted them, called them stupid for not getting something quickly, this can never be how they treat you.
  • Timely responses. Whether it is a mod or the main person I feel someone should answer your question either directly or through a post within 24 hours.
  • Rationale behind suggestions. You want to understand why moves are being made and not just made blindly. It shows that they understand the market and are providing more value than free guides.
  • Time and effort put into the patreon, more than you could put in the same amount of time.

If you think about it the minimum worth of someone is the minimum wage, so if you work backwards:  If the patreon has 200 people and each person is paying $5, that is $1000 a month, after tax+all the fees that is 700 dollars (on the safe side), divide that by minimum wage let’s say $10/per hour. 70 hours a month, that is 20 hours a week. That’s 2.5 hours a day on average. If you think you can do a better job in same amount of time- That includes all their research, answering questions, write ups, etc…  (and if you have the time) maybe you shouldn’t be in that patreon.

The consequence of this, would mean that you shouldn’t just see simple statements like buy 83s, there should be care and effort in all the activities.

What are the benefits of joining a FIFA 20 trading patreon:
  • It saves you time. This is crucial. If you are in a patreon you shouldn’t be doing research or spending time upvoting solutions or even understanding why you are buying or selling something. Should just be simple and straight forward.
  • It makes you coins. There are wins and losses but overall you should come away with profit.
What not to expect from a FIFA 20 trading patreon:
  • All your questions to be answered immediately. People have lives and you can’t expect them to be active 24×7 and answering everyone’s questions immediately
  • To always make the most profit, sometimes the market doesn’t work out as expected and sometimes you will make loses and smaller wins. Ultimately though, you should have bigger wins than loses.
  • Ultimately, you are paying $5 a month so you can’t expect them to trade for you, they just save you time and provide you the tools and you must do the work. If you don’t, then you won’t make the profit and you cant blame anyone but yourself on that.
  • Don’t expect personal treatment unless outlined in the tier you are paying for.
How can patrons exceed expectations?
  •  Different methods/investment types presented. This means they have a solid understanding of the market not just one area. There might be one or two areas of focus, but they try to present either resources from other or themselves that cover more areas.
  • A few mods or people they can trust that can cover for when they are not available, to lower the response times
  • A narrow on what to buy. I feel they shouldn’t give you 20 players you buy they should make it narrow, in order to save you time.
  • A cohesive writing style that helps you learn and understand quickly.
  • Offer other perks, like squad-building help, gameplay tips etc…
How can you make the best of a FIFA 20 trading patreon?

Its simple. Only join one patreon and follow what they say, don’t try to follow other people just follow one. Obviously, you can do your own investments at the same time but don’t get caught up following too many people. If you are not happy after following it for a month you can always leave.

What you should ask patreon before joining?

You need to have the right information in order to access what is written above.

  • Question what credibility they have. What team they had last year, how many coins they made, what articles or content they have written for free (I feel people need to provide free content before making a patreon)
  • Ask for exactly what you will get.
  • Inquire for samples of work, don’t settle for last year TP, reviews (they will only provide you with good ones). You want to see the kind of advice they give.
  • Try to find people who were or are in it to ask direct questions.

Hopefully this guide helps you choose a FIFA 20 trading patreon. There are so many options out there that setting expectations of what you should get out of it is one of the most important things when making a decision. Never feel like you are betraying someone by leaving them, at the end of the day it’s a business. Even if you like the person you need to find a service that makes you happy.


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