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How to complete FIFA 20 Lisandro Martinez Objectives: Solutions – Worth It?

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Lisandro Martinez has been given a TOTS Card in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT), and we’ve got objectives guide, in-game stats, and everything you need to complete it.

Lisandro Martinez now has an increase in overall from 86 to 91 and position change from CB to CDM.

Lisandro Martinez in-game stats.

The stats increased with +4 pace, +6 shooting, +4 passing, +2 dribbling, +6 defending and +6 physical for Lisandro Martinez.

TOTS Lisandro Martinez FIFA 20 Objective time limit, requirements.

Four objectives to complete to unlock with 1 week for Lisandro Martinez

For Lisandro Martinez:

  • Assist in 2 separate Squad Battles using Players with Min 77 Def
  • Score/Assist in 4 Squad Battles on World Class or Rivals with an Ajax Player
  • Through Ball Assist with an Eredivisie player in 3 Rivals matches.
  • Score a Finesse goal with a Argentina Player in 4 rivals wins
  • Is Lisandro Martinez Worth it?
  • These are fairly straightforward to complete just the time to complete and make good SBC Fodder if don’t fit your squad.





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