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It’s been a while. TOTS is finally here

By April 24, 2021April 28th, 2021No Comments

It’s been a while.

A couple of months ago we decided to take a step back from our newsletter and rethink how to provide real value to our subscribers. We have completely changed our approach and will be a weekly email focused on the most popular and new FIFA related content. A fun, no bullshit, authentic approach.

  • Our new secret sauce is in content curation. We watch and analyze multiple sources including YouTube, Twitch, multiple FUT sites (Futbin, Futwiz, Futhead, etc.), social media (Twitter, Facebook, IG), news, assets and media. All of it to your inbox in a 5 minutes read.
  • From new SBCs, to popular YouTube videos and free resources
  • Discover new content creators
  • All your favorite content creators in 1 place

📩 How does it work?

I’ll send you an email every Friday with the most interesting FIFA related content from the week. No BS, no noise, just friends talking FIFA

👇 We want to know about you

What’s your squad looking like these days? Do you even play FIFA? What are your thoughts on this newsletter?
Your voice matters.

Let’s get to it.

This is a small preview of what the newsletter will become

⚽ FUT Talk

😱 The end is near. Community TOTS is here

Is that time of the year were we are nearing the end of FIFA’s lifecycle. At the same time is one of the most exciting times in FIFA, some of the best cards in the game will be released over a span of a few weeks. I can’t wait to build a full TOTS squad and get beat by a kid with gold Rashford 😭. Here is the first released TOTS squad (Community TOTS) 👇

😱 New SBCs

🤗 Don’t forget

  • FUT Swaps 2 Tokens -> The most recent 15 objectives earn a maximum of nine FIFA 21 Icon Swaps tokens, split across FUT Friendly and Squad Battles matches. Expire on Friday, May 7.
  • Weekend League Rewards -> Weekend League Rewards will be replaced by TOTS red player picks and TOTS guaranteed reward packs (Elite +) so make sure to play!

📹 YouTube Land


🎙️ Podcast Gs


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