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La Liga TOTS Released!! Creator Spotlight with CHI_Kacee

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🔥 FIFA Creator Spotlights are here!

Welcome to the first ever Content Creator Spotlight! This is a space to share the stories behind some of the most popular and up and coming content creators/esports athletes in FIFA 🎮

Creator Spotlight: Kacey Anderson @CHI_Kacee

Check out our first ever Content Creator Spotlight w/@CHI_Kacee were we talk about how she got started streaming on Twitch  and some of the challenges every women faces in the FIFA space.

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💰 Next Weeks spotlight

The one and only Nick aka RUNTHEFUTMARKET

⚽ FUT Talk

😱 Welcome to second sweatiest weekend league in history

Sorry for the same cringe headlines but it’s true, last weekend I couldn’t go beyond Silver 1, it’s not worth it (but the reds…..), I was moody, my freaking untradeable Mason Mount couldn’t get past gold Gomez and sweat Varane. But hey, we go at it again. The best word to describe people that play weekend are “masochists”, although the grind for 11 wins (not saying how many losses) paid off as I got red TOTS Ruben Diaz.

Anyways, we move….it’s Friday! La Liga TOTS is here and we have a new season (which looks like another hard pass for me), but let me tell you that La Liga squad is looking even better than the Prem, Varane looks like a God (if you want to spend 4 mil on a cb), Suarez has 90 pace, Benz looks insane, here is the full squad 👇

😱 New SBCs

💪 New Player Objectives

  • Isak TOTS -> 5 objectives | Avg Time to Complete: 3.5 hours, Worth: Yes doing golden goal
  • Carvahlo TOTS -> 4 objectives | Avg Time to Complete: 3 hours, Worth: No

🤗 Don’t forget

  • FUT swaps expires today, that means we are getting swaps 3 on Monday May 10th
  • Weekend League Rewards -> Weekend League Rewards will be replaced by La Liga TOTS red player picks and Premier TOTS guaranteed reward packs (Elite +) so make sure to play!

📹 YouTube Land

🎙️ Podcast Gs

👾 Esports

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