We expected all users to be truthful with the results entered in each match. Cheating will not be tolerated, if you are found to be cheating in anyway you will be banned from using Gaming Frog in the future. Users are responsible for reading, understanding and be compliant with all of Gaming Frog’s rules. 

Important. Rules apply to all users. Rules agreed in the match details page of every lobby will be the rules used for each game. Rules agreed in chat, match comments or outside of match lobby are not enforceable.

Custom games, teams and players are not supported in Gaming Frog. If you are found to be using custom teams you will automatically forfeit that game and potentially be banned from our platform. We do not allow guests during competitive matches.

Lag. We can’t guarantee the best internet connection and absence of lag during competitive matches. If a game is playable the game will be played. We encourage our users to compete in matches with good connections (you are able to see the quality of the connection of your opponent on the pre-game lobby). Users found to be lagging on purpose and/or are found to disconnect your internet intentionally to give themselves an advantage will be reported directly to EA, forfeit that match automatically and potentially be banned from Gaming Frog.