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Week 7 Marquee Matchups Predictions




Dortmund vs Bayern***

The two most successful clubs in Germany would be playing for the first spot of the table. It is almost certain that we will have this game featured and prices on the players could rise up to 3k.


Genoa vs Sampdoria***

The derby of the city of Genoa. Genoa is the oldest club in Italy, they also claim to be the only club in the city, this is the reason why this rivalry is so hot. This rivalry might not be the most catchy when it comes to on the pitch performance, but it is when it comes to everything that surrounds it. It is one of the most intense rivalries in the country, if not the most. We have not had an Italian Marquee from the first week, even tho we have had big games on the menu. This one would be a safe bet if you were to invest on these players.


Boca Juniors vs River Plate***

This game will be featured for sure. In my opinion and as a football expert, there is no bigger rivalry in the world than this one. You can say Real Madrid – Barcelona, Manchester United – Arsenal, Milan – Juventus., but you would be wrong. This game is the most anticipated game in the Americas. The atmosphere that you can feel in the streets and within the stadium, especially if the game is being played in La Bombonera. Their fans are amazing, they won’t stop singing for a single minute throughout 2 continuous hours.


Lokomotiv – CSKA

The Russian League has been having big games lately, but we have not had any marquee from this league. I believe is because of the the the Russian League SBC, but with new leagues SBCs coming up, we have a decent chance of getting this one as a marquee. Try to get rares for no more than 650 coins, as they can rise up quickly. The non rares and silvers are already expensive due to the SBC.


Manchester City vs Arsenal

This is not a very traditional rivalry, however is a very competitive match and very popular due to the big names both teams possess. In my opinion, I find it hard to believe EA using this as one of the Marquees, since we had an EPL marquee last week and with the POTM coming up, which we know would be a Manchester City player, that will leave us with 2 Manchester City SBC. I would recommend buying City players for the POTM.


Brondby vs Copenhagen

Very likely to get this one as our first Danish Marquee Matchup. No other game will bring more expectation than this one in Denmark. The Copenhagen derby is most famous for their tifos and flares made by the hooligans. Be on the lookout on some investment here as prices will skyrocket if they appear as one of the Marquees.


Bristol City vs Cardiff City

Bristol City vs Cardiff City, the Welsh and English rivalry. For Cardiff old school fans, there is no other as important to them than the game against Bristol. But why not Swansea? Well, the game against Bristol has much more tradition and is not only a big game, but is their chance to beat England as well. We might be in for a second EFL Marquee.


Other Games:


Guadalajara vs Atlas

It is not likely to see EA having two Marquees from the Americas, we are getting the SUPERCLASICO (Boca-River).


Barcelona – Sevilla

Not likely because we had the Sevilla – Leganes this week.


Basel – Young Boys

Not likely because of the RSL Marquee.


AS Saint-Etienne – OL

We’ve had a couple or Marquees from France already. We will see if EA surprises us.


Rangers vs Partick Thistle

Worth to keep an eye for,so why is it not listed as a Marquee? Even tho is a city rivalry, for none of this teams is their biggest rivalry. Patrick’s biggest is Clyde FC and Rangers is Celtic.


Middlesbrough vs Sunderland

It would be very unlikely to get this game, having Manchester United – Chelsea and Manchester City – Arsenal


Manchester United vs Chelsea

I am not picking this one, just because we just had Manchester United – Tottenham this week. If that was not the case, we would have this one for sure. But we saw this pattern with Milan, getting a Marquee with Roma during the first week, did not get anything for Inter and Juve the following two weeks.


Nrdsjaelland vs Lyngby

Already have a Danish Marquee prediction. We cannot have two from the same country, so I went with the big dogs.


Kawasaki vs Cerezo Osaka

Strongly believe there are bigger games in Japan, throughout the season. Don’t think EA will feature this one.


Seattle Sounders vs Vancouver Whitecaps

Whitecaps got features last week, I don’t see them coming back for the next.



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