Our Mission

Gaming Frog’s goal is to provide a way for non-professionals and professionals to participate in eSports tournaments in a simpler and organized way. We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy the features that esports athletes have, so that is why we decided to allow everyone to compete under the same platform in a simpler and organized way.

Our Vision

Gaming Frog is being developed by gamers for gamers. Our founding members have been playing video games since the 90’s, our company was born from pure passion and the idea that competitive video gaming should be accessible to everyone.

Meet the Team

Minds behind Gaming Frog. Have something to say? Reach out to us we love receiving feedback


Juan Duque

Founder & CTO

Juan has more than 6 years of experience in product development as well as online marketing.

He was worked as a contractor with companies like Google, FAU & AT&T

Lucas Romero

Founder & CEO

Lucas is also founder  Founder of North American Sports Services (NASS) &

Brings more than 3 years experience in the sports industry, representing important eSports athletes