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General Site Rules

We expected all users to be truthful with the results entered in each match. Cheating will not be tolerated, if you are found to be cheating in anyway you will be banned from using Gaming Frog in the future. Users are responsible for reading, understanding and be compliant with all of Gaming Frog’s rules.

Important. Rules apply to all users. Rules agreed in the match details page of every lobby will be the rules used for each game. Rules agreed in chat, match comments or outside of match lobby are not enforceable.

Custom games, teams and players are not supported in Gaming Frog. If you are found to be using custom teams you will automatically forfeit that game and potentially be banned from our platform. We do not allow guests during competitive matches.

Lag. We can’t guarantee the best internet connection and absence of lag during competitive matches. If a game is playable the game will be played. We encourage our users to compete in matches with good connections (you are able to see the quality of the connection of your opponent on Fifa’s lobby). Users found to be lagging on purpose and/or are found to disconnect your internet intentionally to give themselves an advantage will be reported directly to EA, forfeit that match automatically and potentially be banned from Gaming Frog.

Is Gaming Frog Legal?

Gaming Frog is legal, given that the competitions that take place in our platform are considered games of skill. Skill-based gaming has a well-established legal, social and commercial history. Today, games of skill are available on most major media sites like AOL, MSN, Yahoo and are complemented by an emerging electronic sports (eSports) industry that lets professional gamers compete in popular video games with real money at stake.

Gaming Frog is a platform that advances this trend, enabling skill-based multiplayer tournaments on mobile devices while offering gamers the ability to compete for cash prizes. Games supported by Gaming Frog take the clear distinction as being games of skill — and not games of chance — a difference which makes Gaming Frog cash tournaments legal in the majority of the United States.

As of today, Gaming Frog powers cash competitions in roughly 44 US states except in Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Maryland, North Dakota and Tennessee.


Match Fees

Gaming Frog takes 15% from each player’s entry fee for Single Matches and Tournaments. This percentage is deducted from the total match fee not in addition to it. To make things easier and to keep users from having funds like $15.765 our system automatically rounds the commission total to the nearest .5

Example: $24 entry fee = $3.5 fee from each player, $41 total pool prize.


Reporting Results and Cancellations

  • As soon as the MATCH is accepted between Players, the players have 2 hours to play the match.
  • If neither Player reports a result within 2 hours of the MATCH being confirmed, the MATCH will be considered abandoned.
  • Abandoned matches are not reported on a Player’s profile and the funds are returned to each Player’s account
  • Once a match is abandoned, it can no longer be played. Both Players can challenge each other again, but they must do so under a new MATCH.
  • When a player in a head to head match reports the score, the opponent must confirm or counter the results within 30 minutes or the initial reported score will automatically be confirmed. This is to prevent sore losers from not reporting their score.


Disputing a Match

Gaming Frog provides video gamers and newcomers alike a safe and legal place to engage in competitive matches. With this in mind, we take match disputes very seriously.

Disputes can arise if a player’s opponent does not agree to a result or has broken a rule in a match. If a player claims that his or her opponent has broken a match rule, evidence is required in form of photos or video. If no evidence is provided claim will be considered null or invalid.

Rules agreed in the match details page of every lobby will be the rules used for each game. Rules agreed in chat, match comments or outside of match lobby are not enforceable. No player is under any obligation to play a match with settings they never agreed to.

No Player may claim to win a match before it has started. Any player that claims to win a match before it has started, the user’s account will be reviewed and potentially banned from Gaming Frog.

In the event that any user disconnects from a match while losing or in a tie, your match will most likely result in a dispute. If there is no reasonable excuse with evidence for leaving the match, the match will be forfeited for the user that disconnected. Players that are found to disconnect from matches repeatedly will have their account reviews and potentially banned.

We encourage users to resolve disconnections between both parties before creating a dispute. Example: Match is tied in the 30th minute and a user disconnects, we encourage a rematch between parties involved.

Gaming Frog will not tolerate reporting of forged or false information in any way. Any user that provides false or forged evidence/information will be banned from our platform and may face further legal consequences.



Gaming Frog Code of Conduct

More than providing a service, Gaming Frog is a community of video gamers. We encourage all user’s to treat each other with dignity and respect. A little smack talk is allowed but keep it reasonable and respectful. Racial, abusive and hate speech will not be tolerated. Users reported for violating our code of conduct may be cause for these or other actions:

  • Permanent suspension or ban, if you repeatedly commit violations.
  • Content deletion, if you create or use inappropriate Content.
  • Automatic assignment of a new Gamertag, if you create an inappropriate Username.




If you encounter Conduct or Content that violates the Gaming Frog Code of Conduct, don’t retaliate with prohibited Conduct or Content. Instead, you can:

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