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Bundesliga March POTM Guide

Preparation for March’s POTM in the Bundesliga has come early while it’s not till the 19th of April looks all set to be Lewandowski or Rodriguez being the latest POTM giving Bayern the award this month.

Now of course someone else may come in late like Haller or Gnabry or someone else entirely so best to be prepared for all outlets as a plan b.

So for Lewandowski and Rodriguez got to factor in they play for Bayern and Poland/Colombia so investing in 84+ Bayern cards like Sule, Martinez, Hummels, Neuer, Muller, Robben, Ribery, Thiago, Lewandowski and Rodriguez is where to go but also looking at Tolisso and Coman is an option to keep in mind too, would also hope they don’t ask for a base card or special version of them, for an individual route.

For Poland looking at Glik, Milik and Zielinski will be common options to consider. From there with Rodriguez focusing on Falcao, Cuadrado, Davinson Sanchez, Bacca and Murillo.

In terms of Bundesliga IFs to focus on Weghorst, Kruse, Delaney, Sancho & Guerreiro all viable shouts due to being cheapest 82 IFS in the league & in Weghorst, Kruse & Delaney’s views are currently the newest 84s in the TOTW from the Bundesliga.

With the Bundesliga in general all 84+ should be considered from Sommer, Reus, Witsel while at a worst resort your 84 rated FUT Swap cards of Guilavogui, Alcacer, Da Costa & Zuber may suddenly be what you could submit too into this if really have to but we wouldn’t recommend it.

While always being prepared for a rated route too never hurts looking at the options preparing a minimum 85 rated route would be smart but don’t be surprised if it’s 86 rated. So cards like Paulinho, Brahimi, Ibra, Falcao, Dzeko, Ribery, Robben will prove popular while also seeing cards like Pjanic, Verratti, Ederson, Alisson, Ozil others that may go up too.

For the teams they faced in Bayern’s  case is Wolfsburg, Mainz, Monchengladbach and we’d prepare ourselves with Gbamin, Adler, Roussillon, Guilavogui, Hazard, Sommer, Kramer to name a few.

All in all POTM for Bundesliga should be interesting most fans seem set to vote Lewandowski or Rodriguez while we’d assume the experts will be mixed but should be 1 of them.

So in conclusion, POTM should cost between 400-750k going on the basis of their highest IFs costing around 215k for Rodriguez and 450-500k for Lewandowski. With around 200-300k worth of packs to support him in terms of making the total spend not a total drain. We’d imagine unless either get another IF before then that they will be 93 & 95 rated respectively, but potential due to their recent form to see James be 94 or Lewandowski to be 96 rated but with TOTS close too, may be wise to

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