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How Player of the Month (POTM) upgrades work in FIFA 20

How FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT) Player Of The Month (POTM) upgrades work with examples and detailed table of player rating upgrades

Player of the month (POTM) Upgrades

This year EA introduced 3 new POTMs, League One, LaLiga & MLS. Making a total of 5 POTM released each month (Bundesliga, Premier League, League One, LaLiga & MLS).

All POTMs (Player of the month) cards get 2 inform upgrades (+2) from its base rating or latest IF (if it exists at the time POTM is released) if the base card is 87 rated or lower (this were it gets tricky). If the player’s base card is 88 rated or higher POTM will receive only 1 inform upgrade (+1).

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Let’s look at Osimhen, his base card is 74, first upgrade goes to 80, second upgrade goes to 83.

Now lets look at a player like Thiago Silva. At the time his POTM card was released he already had an IF card making this his base for upgrading. IF rating 88, first upgrade 89, second upgrade 90. This seems a bit tricky because a player like Aubameyang (88) only got a +1 from his base in his POTM card, leading to the conclusion that +2 upgrades are for players that have a base card of 87 or lower and +1 upgrades for 88+ rated base cards.

Base Rating Range Rating Upgrade from base or latest IF
62 – 87 +2 IF Upgrades
88 – 94 +1 IF Upgrades


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