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FIFA 21 Release Schedule

By September 16, 2020No Comments

FIFA 21 is one of the most anticipated video game titles for 2021, here is a list of important dates for it’s release

When is FIFA 21’s official release?

  • Friday, Oct 9th, 2020

When is FIFA 21’s EA Play / EA Access release date?

  • Thursday, Oct 1st, 2020

When is FIFA 21’s Ultimate & Champions Edition release date?

  • Thursday, Oct 6th, 2020

When are FIFA 21 money matches released on Gaming Frog?

  • Thursday, Oct 1st, 2020

How to Play FIFA 21 early for free?

  1. Sign up for EA Play on Xbox One or PS4
  2. Pre download FIFA 21 to your console
  3. On Oct 1st you’ll get a free 8 hour trial of the full game


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