1. Registration

Creating an account in Gaming Frog is easy

New to Gaming Frog? Lets Start with Single Matches

Gaming Frog single matches allow you to play a Fifa match with a single person.

We offer 2 types of Single Matches


You can challenge another user in Gaming Frog using our Challenge mode. Just find your opponent by it’s username and send him/her a challenge. Your opponent will be able to accept or reject your challenge.


Open matches are public and any user can join. You can also join any other open matches. You can find this matches on the “All matches” section, they will display “Open Match”.

2. How to create/join matches

Set your settings. Create or join a match.

Single Matches


  • Creating a match is very simple. Click on the “New Match” button, select your preferred settings, match mode (Challenge or Open) and bet.


  • Once you create your match, other users will be able to join (unless you challenged a specific user), after your opponent joins you can play your match in the console set in the settings.

What is the best route to play your opponent?

Your opponent needs to be online on Xbox or PS4 at the same time as you to accept your invitation

  • Players can see each others PlayStation network / Xbox live names on game details in Gaming Frog.
  • Online Friendlies
  • Select “New Friendly Season”
  • Select “Name of Friend”
  • At next screen, select “Invite”
  • Next screen enables players to select LEAGUE and CLUB
  • Both players must play as they agreed or the game is null and void.
  • After selecting your club, press “A” or “X” to “Ready!” your selection.
  • Wait for your opponent to “Ready!” their selection as well.
  • When both players are “Ready!” then play the match!

3. How to climb up the leader-board

There is only one place at the top. Will it be yours?

Climb up


  • You need to play a minimum of 20 matches in order to rank
  • Rankings are determined by # of matches won
  • Gaming Frog is constantly doing giveaways for users who are part of the leader-board

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