Gaming Frog provides video gamers and newcomers alike a safe and legal place to engage in competitive matches. With this in mind, we take match disputes very seriously.

Disputes can arise if a player’s opponent does not agree to a result or has broken a rule in a match. If a player claims that his or her opponent has broken a match rule, evidence is required in form of photos or video. If no evidence is provided claim will be considered null or invalid.

Rules agreed in the match details page of every lobby will be the rules used for each game. Rules agreed in chat, match comments or outside of match lobby are not enforceable. No player is under any obligation to play a match with settings they never agreed to.

No Player may claim to win a match before it has started. Any player that claims to win a match before it has started, the user’s account will be reviewed and potentially banned from Gaming Frog. 

In the event that any user disconnects from a match while losing or in a tie, your match will most likely result in a dispute. If there is no reasonable excuse with evidence for leaving the match, the match will be forfeited for the user that disconnected. Players that are found to disconnect from matches repeatedly will have their account reviews and potentially banned.

We encourage users to resolve disconnections between both parties before creating a dispute. Example: Match is tied and a user disconnects, we encourage a rematch between parties involved.

Gaming Frog will not tolerate reporting of forged or false information in any way. Any user that provides false or forged evidence/information will be banned from our platform and may face further legal consequences.