Once the tournament starts, you will see a “live” besides the tournament’s name. Click on more details, to go the tournament’s lobby.


**Please be aware that it might take up to 1 minute for the tournament to start, after the countdown expires**


After you have accessed the tournament’s lobby, click on “join lobby”, it will take you to your calendar.


In your calendar tabs, you will be able to see your current, previous and future games.


In order to play a match, you will have to get ready. To get ready, please follow these two steps:

  1. Click “match lobby”, under the Calendar tab: 
  • Please note there is a time limit (45min) for each of the rounds to be completed, meaning that your match has to finish before that time expires.
  1. Click on “get ready”:
  • You have 15 minutes to get ready. If you get ready and your opponent does not, you will move automatically to the next round once the timer expires. 
  1. Once you’ve gotten ready the Gaming Frog Bot will pop up a message to the right of your screen saying “Username has marked themselves as ready”:

Now you will have to play your game. After the game is played, you will be able to place your result. Click on place result:

Make sure you are being truthful about your result, otherwise you might get banned. Another screen will ask you if you’d like to proceed, click yes or no.  

After you have submitted your result, you will have to wait for your opponent to agree to it. If he/she agrees to win, the round will be concluded and the winner will move on to the next round, if there is a disagreement, please reach out to one of the mods. BE SURE TO HAVE EVIDENCE OF YOUR RESULT, JUST IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS.


To see the brackets and be able to track how the tournament is going, go to the “Brackets” tab:

If at any given point you’d like to see the details about the tournament, rules, how to play, and participants, scroll down under the “overview” tab: