With Bundesliga POTM dropping on Friday looks all set to be Goretzka being the latest POTM easing the Dortmund strangehold on this award.

Now of course while Goretzka may be the likely card to win it, don’t necessarily think like this though as Caligiuri and Guerriero have solid shouts too so best to be prepared for all outlets especially for Caligiuri as a plan b.

So for Goretzka got to factor in he plays for Bayern and Germany so investing in 83+ Bayern cards like Tolisso, Sule, Martinez, Coman, Ribery, Robben and at most extreme Thiago is an option, Kimmich less so due to his price in relation to Ribery and Robben but can at least look at him though for sniping.

For Germany looking at a base version of Goretzka wouldn’t hurt due to rating and nationality incase of a Germany SBC Route, but if Bayern players are needed he has room to increase. While Fahrmann, Baumann, Tah, Draxler, Werner, Khedira, Gundogan, Leno are all smart shouts to consider for German players at the higher extreme is Ozil and in slightly lower rated as in 82s is Kruse, Gotze, Mustafi, Bender and Gnabry are others to consider. As with Sancho’s POTM German IFs went through the roof so keeping these in mind is an option too. Cards like SIF Korber, Terodde& Torunarigha are under 20k, our reason for these 3 are as Korber & Terodde are cheapest 81 rated German IFs outwith the Bundesliga & Torunarigha is the cheapest Bundesliga IF. Having an IF Brandt at 25-28k too would not hurt as could prove useful and has room to increase if needed.

From here we focus on Goretzka’s past of Schalke which ties into Caligiuri smart options to go for include Rudy, Fahrmann, Caligiuri, Sane and Nastasic, we would say Naldo but he’s no longer at the club. Don’t worry too much on special versions if anything SIF Caligiuri would be the IF to focus on from the club as an 85 rated at 35k is an option to keep in mind at least.

With the Bundesliga in general all 83+ should be considered, while at a worst resort your 84 rated FUT Swap cards of Guilavogui, Alcacer, Da Costa & Zuber may suddenly be what you could submit too into this if really have to but we wouldn’t recommend it.

While for Guerriero and Caligiuri we’d look at Italy and Portugal players too so you’d factor in Pizzi, Bruno Fernandes, Danilo Pereira, William Carvalho, Rui Patricio, IF Jota from a Portugal view while De Rossi, Perin, Balotelli, Jorginho and at a higher level Verratti, can also consider IFs of Quagliarella, both Donnarummas the ST & GKs into consideration too.

While always being prepared for a rated route too never hurts looking at the options preparing a minimum 85 rated route would be smart but don’t be surprised if it’s 86 rated. So cards like Paulinho, Brahimi, Ibra, Falcao, Dzeko, Ribery, Robben will prove popular.

Finally preparing for the teams they faced in Bayern’s case is Hoffenheim and Stuttgart we’d prepare ourselves with Zieler, Castro, Gomez, Pavard, Baumann, Kramaric, Demirbay, Vogt to name a few.

Dortmund played Leipzig & Hannover, so Werner, Forsberg, Kampl, Muller, Fullkrug, Anton just some to consider and finally with Schalke they played Wolfsburg and Hertha Berlin, focusing on Kalou, Rekik, Jarstein, Casteels, Brooks & Camacho.

All in all POTM for Bundesliga should be interesting most fans seem set to vote Goretzka while we’d assume the experts will do him too.

So in conclusion Goretzka’s POTM should cost between 300-400k going on the basis of his IF costing generally around 100-120k. With around 150-200k worth of packs to support him in terms of making the total spend not a total drain.


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