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The Bayer Leverkusen Midfielder has been given a boost from his 86 rated card to an 88 POTM & the standout stats are 94 vision, 93 dribbling, short passing, 91 ball control and 89 sprint speed.

From playing with him and as shown in the video review his pace, finishing and attack positioning especially are impressive, while in my SIF review I felt his stamina left a little to be desired as regularly found him to be drained come final 30 minutes but in his POTM Case with him at 82 stamina now there is a big difference and can last a full 90 minutes fine not just for 1 game but multiple before have to consider giving him any fitness boosts. He is current going for 125k for his SBC with 90k worth of packs to go alongside, the biggest issue with him is his SIF is still in packs and can be bought for 30-35k, so that is easily an alternative to consider and also for other alternatives are the weekly objective cards as alternatives in Talisca, Can or Ben Arfa.

In our starting team we played Brandt at RCM due to the team we currently rock with as he linking him to everyone around in the 4321. While his return from 3 games in the review of 3 goals was good, but he swapped him with Goretzka so he played ST, he created so many chances and while may seem wasteful, it was those fine margins and also excellent GKs too. I would say he could have had 8-10 goals if took his chances but really rate him and worth trying even his loan at least.

Overall analysis

Is he worth it – 8/10 (Proved a useful midfielder but with SIF still in packs may put folk despite the noticeable boost especially in stamina.)

Value – 8/10 (125k Spend is good value for money, compared to Goretzka who was 500k & 1st POTM Reus at 300k, this card has scope to be in that cheap POTM till expires and the routes aren’t expensive)

Usability – 9/10  (Nation, Team/League, Adaptability Major Pros)

Overall – 8/10 (A good card to own a major improvement on his SIF which had some flaws.)




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