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The Benfica Forward has been given a boost from his 77 MOTM rated card to a 84 TOTT plus position change from ST to LW & the standout stats are 99 stamina, 96 shot power, 91 volleys, sprint speed 90 agility and 89 sprint speed.

From playing with him and as shown in the video review his pace, finishing and stamina especially are impressive, in my review he had played 3 games scoring 3 goals and 2 assists, each game forcing a rage quit so shows how much of an impact he made, plus it is easy to obtain him as got to win 5 games in squad battles on minimum pro difficulty scoring with 1 Portuguese player we used FUTmas Bruma who’s in the team for this review.

In our starting team we played Joao Felix at ST due to the team we currently rock with as linking him was perfect as went with a 451 for a change. While his return from 3 games in the review of 3 goals and 2 assists was good, a big issue with him is his strength of 44,he will get thrown off the ball easily but if you are nimble enough with him and get him in the right places he can definitely take his chances. Will make for a good super sub at least if after an option at ST to mix things up.

Overall analysis

Is he worth it – 10/10 (Easy to obtain and for just over an hour’s work cannot go wrong)

Value – 10/10 (Free Card pretty much unless need to buy a Portugal player or add any contracts/fitness)

Usability – 9/10  (Strength only weakness on him but got an engine with pace to burn too)

Overall – 8.5/10 (A free card to own and a useful super sub option for a forward but strength only weakness.)


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