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Let’s start with the basic: as you probably have noticed the prices have begun to fall, I expect it to fall more. This is because people mostly want to use TOTS cards there are far more substitutes for the cards available. So, what I recommend is for you to sell. Panic has been quite crazy this year and we can again expect more panic as soon as there is a TOTS announcement. Furthermore, there is more downward pressure as people sell and spam upgrades to get their tots cards.

For this reason, coins are key during tots as everything drops a lot, you can go a long way with a few coins.

A couple of things I further recommend:

  1. If you plan to do league upgrades, stock up your club with rare golds during moments of supply. You could even buy and sell, it makes coins, but I don’t think it’s very efficient.
  2. Do your league SBCS before tots. As TOTS occurs people run out of golds and they start to do league SBCS for players (there is precedent for this as it happened during TOTY). So, do them before others and store the packs or alternatively keep them in your club. I think that what becomes expensive is cards that are not supplied much like silvers.
  3. Stock up your club with rating golds. I have a feeling you will see more than a TOTS single player SBCS. I feel you will see more than just that. Combine this with people rushing to complete icons SBCS w should see demand increase.
  4. Some inform stock up. If the current TOTW is from a good league and approximately the cheapest for the rating its ok to pick up as it has very little risk.

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