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Cr7 Finally Gets One

Months after FIFA 19 releases, the most hyped OTW of all time Cristiano Ronaldo finally gets his long awaited upgrade. A lot of people were looking forward to this inform (which almost got ruined due to Gervinho) but does it live up to the hype of all these months waiting? We’re going to dive into it today. My good pal Callum (Twitter down below) was lucky enough to get a Red Inform Cr7, so he let me try him out!

Now the problem with first informs is that we already have the UCL cards that EA decided was a good idea to put into the game, so this card isn’t exactly the newest besides a plus one upgrade on passing and physical compared to the UCL card. It’s a little lackluster to say the least, but if you happen to want to pay extra for a dynamic image you must be bored with your FIFA coins. This card feels no different than the UCL card and to be honest it’s hard to really tell a difference from this and the gold card. Let’s get into each stat so that you can determine whether or not this is the card for you. I will be strictly comparing it to its gold card to let you know if it’s worth the upgrade.

Pace 8.7/10: It’s very easy to assume that Cristiano Ronaldo will blow out opposing defenders anytime he touches the ball, but there’s something about this card that felt a little sluggish. Of course don’t get me wrong, Cristiano Ronaldo is still a beast in this game and coming out of skill moves he can definitely give himself some separation, but that’s about it. However, if you’re just relying on Cristiano to get into position quickly, then he’s your guy but a lot of people enjoy using his five-star skill moves which I feel give this card the better edge while using. Since FIFA is the way that it is, you cannot expect him to outrun every defender. Coming up against TOTY Varane was especially tough for this card, so just don’t expect him to really feel much faster.

Shooting 10/10: Now this is what makes Cr7 feel like a cheat code at times in this game. Cr7 really has the best shooting in the game (bar TOTY cards) and since his gold is already amazing at finishing, this one is even better. I could tell a small difference in this card being more clinical whenever it came to scoring (especially post patch). The card gets a plus one upgrade on all the important shooting stats from the gold card and there’s not really much to say besides that this card scores it all. If you get Cristiano into good position then there’s a very good chance that the shot you take will find its way into the back of the net.

Passing 8.3/10: Passing is where we find the biggest upgrade on the card from the gold (and UCL) card where Cr7 has plus two passing on most of his stats. The most important stat for me is short passing on a striker. The reason being is that whenever you’re playing in a two-striker formation, you expect your strikers to make the right passes to one another. This is something that Cr7 has always been lacking in my opinion. The passing isn’t close to where you would want it to be for a striker. I played him as a RCAM in a 4-2-3-1 (due to El Tornado patch) and honestly found him pretty useless trying to make passes. Now don’t get me wrong, his stats for passing are pretty good but I’m holding him to a higher standard since he’s worth as much as he is.

Dribbling 7/10: A lot of people are going to hate me for this but let me explain. Cristiano Ronaldo, in my opinion, should never be your main dribbler in FIFA 19. I believe that Balance is one of the most important stats on a card and I cannot believe how many times Cr7 just gets bodied off the ball so easily by any defender. This is the stat that I feel really brings him down. Another thing that I noticed is that he still feels like a truck anytime he wants to turn with the ball. I will never understand why Cr7 is so bad on the ball in FIFA but in real life he’s one of the best to watch with the ball on his feet. If you could do yourself a favor, you would just cross the ball into him or let him be a poacher because he will not be able to go at defenders.

Physical 9.4/10: The best way to enjoy this card and make it worth your while is to just cross the ball into Cristiano Ronaldo and let him go to work. His jumping is still insane and with the plus two upgrade on physical, you can feel it (besides the balance problem of course). Cr7 will still out jump most defenders besides TOTY Varane (who really puts the clamp on anyone). Corner kicks are insanely overpowered with this card because if you know how to do the near post crosses, then you’re going to be more than fine with this card.

Summary: You know how sometimes you wait for something so long and you think whenever you get it, it’s going to be the most magical thing of all time? Yeah that’s not the case with this upgrade. The hype kind of dies down on it pretty quickly due to the fact that EA already gave us a +1 upgrade from the base gold card with the UCL cards. To be honest I do not believe that this card is worth the price difference from that card unless you really want the dynamic image. The card is a slight improvement however on the gold card but don’t expect it to really win any more games than the gold card already would’ve.

All in all, I wouldn’t buy this card over the gold card unless the rest of my team was already set. Of course, we’ll never know if we get another Cr7 upgrade so if this is the last one it’s pretty upsetting.

Overall: TOTW Cr7 gets a score of 8.7 out of 10

Good Price Point: 2.7M on Xbox, 2.8M on PS4

Best Chemistry Style: Engine to boost balance.

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