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I want to preface this by saying I have not invented this method I am just explaining through an economics lens. After compliment trading last week, it would only make sense to do substitute goods. It is a very popular method to make coins without relying on sbcs.

A substitute good is the opposite of a complimentary good. So, for example an Iphone is a substitute good for Samasung Galaxy or a Ferrari is a substitute good for a Lambo.
This method comes in play when there is a new card that replaces another one. For example, a second inform or even sterling that effectively acted as a substitute for left sided player in the BPL.

Here are some examples of ways I have made money using the method


I bought this second inform Werner when the third one came out, there was a panic sell, so I looked for a snipe and held till the price rebounded till after rewards. Generally, if a player is a lock for totw he starts dropping after the game and even more after all the predictions for totw. However, the best time to get SIF is during announcements that’s when panic is the highest.

Conversely, if a player does well and you see he doesn’t get totw, the last inform will rise with announcement.


Here I bought Willian (sorry picture wasn’t loading) at 130 4-5 hours after Sterling POTM came out, all BPL left wingers dropped due to the fact that Sterling was another option so you could have picked up any of them and all rebounded back, the reason I chose Willian was that he is was a compliment to Kante IF as well as the RTF Telles (was due upgrade next day). This is an example of you being able to combine both trading methods.

Key notes:

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the player that dropped meta enough?
  • Is the price low enough?

This is a good guide for you to understand when to buy and for how much.

The one time I have tried this, and it didn’t work was when I bought Meunier and Lala when Alves came out. The reason it didn’t work is that there was not enough demand for those guys, Alves was way better and not many people run a Ligue 1 defense. You need to recognize when a player is used and when not.

To understand if a price is low enough, is a bit of an art but there are ways you can use to guide yourself.

  1. Look at similar cards, and see how much they are worth
  2. See how much the card has dropped. If it is has dropped a lot for its original price, it probably won’t fall that much more
  3. See if how many cards are being listed under bin and how quickly they are being bought.
  4. Another solid indication is if it is at the lowest it has been in a while, last night I bought UCL Firmino at 95k when futmas Firmino came out, that was the lowest he had been a in a while; as of now he is selling for 108k.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop a comment or contact me on twitter.

More Examples:



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